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The RECENT collection holds the photographs uploaded to the site within the last six months or so. After they are removed here, they will still be included in their home galleries by subject.
White-Crowned Sparrow No. 1Red-winged Blackbird Immature Male No. 2Red-winged Blackbird Immature Male No. 1Brown-head Cowbird Male No. 2Wild Turkey Tail DisplayWild Turkey Tom StruttingBrown-headed Cowbird Female No. 2Brown-headed Cowbird Female No. 1Mourning Dove Head OnMourning Dove ProfileChipping Sparrow No. 1White-throated Sparrow No. 1Palm WarblerPalm WarblerChipping Sparrrow No. 2American Goldfinch Male MoltingBrown-headed Cowbird Male No. 1Indigo Bunting Male No. 1Wild Turkey Hen ForagingThe Road Home - Spring No. 1

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