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With 80 plus acres, most of it woodland, Big Creek Homestead produces more than enough wood for many uses. Firewood is our primary source of heat and our largest use of wood, excepting commercial timber harvests every couple decades. Heating with wood is hard to justify financially when viewed in isolation, but as part of a bigger picture, it's a good way to go on place like this. On the production side, we harvest firewood only where doing so accomplishes at least one other objective, such as clearing trails, increasing biodiversity, or improving timber value. On the utilization side, we are in love with the warm glow of the woodstove on a cold winter night, or a cold spring morning.
All the photos this group were shot at Big Creek Homestead, the photographer’s home near Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Splitting AxeForwarding Polewood from TSI HarvestTrailer to SawbuckWoodland Path Inward No. 4May the Forest Cool You No. 2Golden PathConcentricityWoodland Path Inward No. 2

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