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I learned shiitake mushroom cultivation from a Korean physician from Chicago back in the 1980's and have been doing it ever since. One of the lucky things for me about the Big Creek Homestead is that it has a good supply of oak logs of the right size for growing shiitake. As with firewood, I rarely cut a tree for just one reason. Harvesting bedlogs for shiitake yields firewood and improved timber growth as well as great tasting mushrooms. We have also grown some other types of mushrooms, but shiitake remain our favorite.
All the photos this group were shot at Big Creek Homestead, the photographer’s home near Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Donko ShiitakeRobust Flush of ShiitakeFresh Cut Shiitake LogsSpent Shiitake BedlogsSpent Shiitake Logs DetailGolden Oysters on Aspen

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