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Mosses are small, non-vascular, flowerless plants in the taxonomic division Bryophyta. Bryophyta is now the formal name for mosses alone, whereas "bryophyte" refers to the informal group of mosses, liverworts, and hornworts. The term "bryophyte" comes from Greek words meaning tree-moss or oyster-green plant. Bryophytes reproduce by spores and have a gametophyte-dominant life cycles, in which the plants carry only a single set of genetic information. Bryophytes typically form dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. Ecologically, they play major roles in establishing plant communities in harsh environments.
All the images of non-flowering plants were photographed in the Upper Peninsula.
Common Haircap MossChain in MossMoss Community No. 1Moss on a Stump No. 1

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