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Flowering plants are those that reproduce by enclosed seeds. Botanists call such plants angiosperms. The term angiosperm derives from the Greek words for vessel and seed.

This gallery includes only herbaceous (non-woody) flowering plants, mostly wild native species. Woody Plants have their own gallery, which includes woody flowering plants and conifers, the latter of which reproduce via naked seeds. Domesticated flowering plants are mostly found in the Gardening gallery in the Big Creek Homestead group and the Agriculture gallery in the Humans x Nature group. Boxed sets of wildflower greeting cards are available in the Collections group.

All the images in the Flowering Plants Gallery were photographed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (the UP).
Blue Flag #1Big Bluestem in FlowerColumbineNorthern Wood-SorrelSweet Woodruff in FernsBlazing StarDutchman's Breeches RacemeBloodroot with PollenQueen Anne's Lace FruitingBalding DanedlionJack in the Pulpit No. 1Sedge CircleMoccasin FlowerValentine SunflowerWildflowers of the Upper Peninsula SET #1Great White TrilliumCelebrating MaturityPerfection in ThreesAggressive BeautyFrog's Reading Lamp

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