Why are galleries about homesteading included on a website about nature photography? Because, in my view, humans should see themselves as part of nature and act in ways that promote healthy ecosystems. Living close to the land in a homesteading lifestyle is one of many possible ways of doing this. Although being intimately involved with the land prevents me from travelling widely to iconic landscapes like many photographers do, my life does keep me outdoors a great deal and provides many opportunities for photographing nature, assuming I keep a camera nearby. Many of the photos in other parts of this website were taken incidentally during work or play around the homestead. And, as I hope you will see, it is possible for people to creatively and carefully manipulate nature in ways that benefit the land as a whole. Thus, the galleries in the Big Creek Homestead Group look at the habitats present here and our efforts to fit in as co-evolving members of these communities: Big Creek, Open Habitats, and Wooded Habitats.
All the photos this group of galleries were shot at Big Creek Homestead, the photographer’s home near Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Big Creek HabitatsOpen HabitatsSavannah HabitatsWooded Habitats