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The photographs in this collection are brought together from all the galleries with close-ups.
Close-ups are often called macros, but technically speaking macros are extreme close-ups in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.
When printed or projected, the objects in some of these photos are greater than life size, but none of these photos are technically macros.
All images in the Close-ups Gallery were photographed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (the UP).
Bristly Beard LichenGreenshield LichenSmooth Green SnakeCinnamon Fern FiddleheadUn-identified Fern FiddleheadInterupted Fern FiddleheadCommon Haircap MossNorthern Wood-SorrelStriped Maple Dormant BudsLilac Leaf Buds OpeningBigtooth Aspen Flower Buds OpeningRed Maple Flower BudsPaper Birch Dormant CatkinsRed Elderberry Flower BudsBoxelder Lateral BudsWillow TwigWillow Male FlowersSugarplum Compound Bud ElongatingCommon Lilac  Flower BudsBlack Ash Leaves Emerging

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