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With three Great Lakes and a great diversity of land habitats types, the Upper Peninsula is home, for at least part of the year, to about 400 species of birds. Successfully photographing most avian species is much like like hunting. It requires a lot of time, patience, skill, and knowledge of the quarry's habits. Due to their constant motion and obscuring habitat elements, the percentage of keepers is lower for bird photographs than for most other subjects.
All the photographs in this Gallery were taken in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (the UP).
SentinelBlue Jay in Snow StormRose-breasted Grosbeak MaleWood Duck MaleSnowy TakeoffRaven above Bald Mt.Fall FlightEastern PhoebePileated PosingEastern Bluebird MaleErik the RedBlue Jays SharingSugarplum Fairy No. 1Birds of the Upper Peninsula SET #1Robin's VermicelliRed-tail LaunchingVersatile SongsterTree Swallow BrakingBeak Full of NeedlesRoadside Turkey

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